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How it started

Like most of the world, Namibia came under a total economic and social shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. A national state of emergency was declared, and we watched as schools, businesses and universities closed to ensure the safety of all Namibians. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of children could not attend school and had to learn from home via e-learning platforms.

Although there are many benefits to e-learning, for a majority of learners in Namibia, access to the internet and electronic devices is limited and nearly impossible. The pandemic opened the country’s eyes to the lack of resources some children in parts of Namibia have. The need was clear: affordable, quality educational materials in the children’s language of instruction. A collaboration was formed between the MoEAC and Namibia Media Holding (NMH), working hand-in-hand to design, print and distribute thousands of books daily to children.

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The project continued in 2021 and since then over 12 million books have been delivered to 14 regions across Namibia. We ensured pre-primary and junior primary materials are designed, printed, recorded and distributed in 12 languages across Namibia. Each grade is divided into 36 weeks (18 books). The entire Namibian curriculum for pre-primary to Grade 3 is covered in the 18 books. All lessons are recorded with our online school teacher and available at

2021 Project

The Future

The success of the 2020 and 2021 project has emphasized the need for a continuation of the project. The current materials will be reviewed, reprinted and redistributed to schools and ECD’s across the country weekly. In 2022, we aim to distribute over 6,5 million books to 360 000 children across Namibia.

The success of the project relies on funding and donations to ensure the continuation and expansion of the project. Click below if you would like to contribute!


360 000 
Children reached weekly

900 + Schools reached daily

500 + ECD centers 
reached daily

12 Namibian Languages translated

Online School lessons

Quality approved worksheets

14 Regions reached daily

11 415 km Travelled daily across Namibia

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How far we go...

Have a look at what we do here:

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